We nurture the vast, micro-climate soil pockets of Stellenzicht to steward and sustain what nature provides each year. Our wines truly are expressions of our terroir.


As custodians of this beautiful farm, we believe in protecting our natural resources through sustainable farming. These efforts help create an eco-system that protects our dragonfly population as well as our fauna and flora. This philosophy of sustainability drives our daily activities, as we consistently pursue balance.


In honouring our history, and existing soils, we spent a great deal of time determining our soil types in order to plant the right varieties on the ideal site. This gives the vines the best possible chance to root itself within the ideal terroir. In order to nurture this terroir and the biodiversity around our vineyards, we look to nature and its natural indicators, adjusting our sustainable farming and winemaking practices in order to best express our soils and terroir through our grapes and wines.

the dragonfly

Nature has adapted around the farm throughout the years. This is most prevalently seen by the return of the dragonfly population on the farm. This highly adaptive creature symbolizes our future: we adapt when needed in pursuit of balance.