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Recipe Alert! Club Steak Al Fresco
When it comes to pairing a delicious steak recipe with the perfect red wine, there are a few key factors to consider. The richness and flavor profile of the steak should complement the characteristics of the wine for a harmonious dining experience.

Consider the Cut of Steak

The cut of steak you choose will greatly influence the type of red wine that pairs best. For a fattier cut like a club steak with more marbling, opt for an intense flavour. A bolder red blend would be an excellent choice.

Match Intensity of Flavours

It's important to match the intensity of flavors between the steak and the red wine. A well-marbled, juicy steak with a robust flavor profile pairs beautifully with a full-bodied red wine.

Consider the Cooking Method

The cooking method used for the steak can also influence the wine pairing. Grilled steaks with a smoky char pair wonderfully with a red wine that has hints of oak and spice.

By taking into account the cut of steak, intensity of flavors, and cooking method, you can create a memorable dining experience by pairing your steak recipe with a great red wine. 


Steak Al Fresco with Acheulean Red 

Enjoy this incredible Italian-inspired steak recipe paired to perfection with the Stellenzicht Acheulean Red 2018.

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  • 400g Club Steak Thick Cut
  • 300g Cherry Vine Tomato
  • 1x Bunch of Asparagus Spears
  • 6x pickled baby onions
  • 1x Head of Garlic
  • 1x Bunch of Thyme
  • 50g Salted Butter
  • Salt and Black Pepper
  • Good heat resistant cooking oil like grapeseed oil


First things first, when you cook large pieces of steak like this you want to be sure to remove it from the fridge at least 1 hour prior to cooking, this will allow for a more even cook, remove it from the packaging and dry with some kitchen towel, you can season your meat at this point if you'd like, and no it won't pull out all the moisture, it is however crucial to put lots of salt on the fat at this point as it will help in creating that scrumptious crispy fat later on, then leave it covered for an hour or two until we are ready to cook.

Carefully rinse your vegetables taking care not to break the tomatoes of the vine, if you don't have vine tomatoes normal cherry tomatoes will work just as well.

Snap the bottom ends on your asparagus, they will snap of about 3cm from the bottom, this is the natural line it wants to break of they have started to lose moisture, the bit you break off are wonderful for a veggie stock, and asparagus Risotto, for those winter months.

Half your baby onions and arrange then on the plate, they are to add some crunch and acid to this delectable dish.

Clean of two or three cloves of garlic, depending on how intense you like the flavour of garlic with your meat.

Now that you have everything it's important to let your pan get nice and hot and here is a little secret, ever wondered why when your pan is hot and things still stick well it's because we often let the pan warm up and then add cold oil and start cooking straight away, it's important to allow your oil to reach the same temperature as your pan before laying down that beautiful steak.

Now we can start!

On a medium high heat.
Add a small amount of oil just to get things going to your pan as we are going render out that beautiful beef tallow now, stand your steak on its fat as to render it down and start the process of getting it nice and crispy, grab that pair of tings now and gently move that fat around your pan.

When the fat has reached a light golden colour, put your steak aside and pat dry any moisture on the surface, this will ensure a golden crust form on your meat, back into the hot oil lay it down away from you and let it be, you can now add your vine tomatoes into the hot pan next to the steak, (this is where you hydrate) after opening and tasting some wine you should be able to turn, approximately 3-4 min, if it's beautiful and golden you can turn it, if not leave for another minute.

After you turn the steak give the garlic a quick crush under your kitchen knife and in they go with a nice bunch thyme, followed by your butter.

Then place your spears of asparagus in the beautiful medley of butter and beef fat, periodically just basting the butter over them, with a pinch of salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

After about 4 minutes on the second side of your steak you should have a nice golden crust all the way around the meat, this is now ready to rest, and your beautiful veggies can be arranged on the wooden board accompanied by that perfectly cooked steak.

Should you like your steak med or more then slightly reduce the temperature at this time and extend the cooking time for your desired cooking temperature.

Once your steak has had at least 6 min to rest, you can now slice it in thin slices making sure to include a little piece of that crispy fat on each slice, and with a spoon drizzle over that hot foamy butter left in the pan.

Make sure to top up your glass and grab someone to share this with as it will serve 2..

"Buon appetito" ‎
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